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Roofing Types Centreville, VA

Since the roof holds the structural integrity of your home, it is essential to decide what type of roofing materials are available for your roof replacement. A roof's lifespan is usually around 25-30 years or even longer, depending on how much upkeep you do to keep it in its optimal condition. A roof's lifespan also depends on the materials you use. Because roofing materials are available on-market, it can take time to pick which fits your needs best.

Centreville Roofers aims to provide information regarding the materials that might be best for you.

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Types of Roofing Material

  • Asphalt Shingles

    • These shingles are cost-effective options for roof replacement. Replacing and repairing an asphalt roof is not as complicated as other types of roofing materials, Making it the most widely used and convenient type of roofing material. It has a variety of colors and designs to choose from. However, asphalt shingles may not be the most durable roofing option. Once the granule content on the asphalt material fades, it may begin to cause damage and, eventually, require replacement.

  • Metal Roof

    • Metal roofing comes in various kinds, including metal shakes and shingles, standing seam, and stone-coated steel. Nevertheless, all kinds of metal roofing are resistant to any weather condition and possess excellent durability making it a good option if you are looking for a more long-lasting roof.

  • Wood Shingles

    • Wood Shingles is one of the most environmentally-friendly options for roofing material. It is ideal for those who want a classic touch in their home. However, wood roofing is more on the expensive side. When talking about durability, there are better candidates than this one. Wood materials are not resistant to harsh weather conditions. They can quickly deteriorate when exposed to extreme hot or cold weather. Exposure to different elements over time can cause them to rot and crack.

  • Clay Tiles

    • Made from earth's natural resources, clay tiles offer another option for roofing. It undergoes molding and firing for a specific duration to attain the durability needed to withstand any elements it might encounter. Clay tiles also have an aesthetically pleasing look to compliment the vibe you are going for. Despite this, it is more on the expensive side as compared to other roofing materials available. However, if budget is not an issue, consider clay tiles as your roofing material.

  • Synthetic Shingles

    • Synthetic shingles present an additional cost-effective roofing option. These lightweight shingles provide durability and top ratings for fire safety and impact resistance.

  • Slate Roof

    • Slate roof has an undeniably popular reputation. The aesthetically pleasing look and remarkable durability of a slate roof are the reasons behind its immense popularity. Artisans create slate roof material to ensure a lasting lifespan, rendering it a valuable investment for your property. 

    • Unfortunately, since slate roofs tend to be heavy, not all homes have the required strength to withstand their weight. 

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